Silver British Shorthairs  


Welcome to our gallery, filled with pictures and videos of our outstanding Silver British Shorthairs

Here we will help you find your perfect British Shorthair Kitten and explain the colour, coat and pattern in more detail.  The Silver Spotted looks like a snow leopard with dense black spots on a silver background but with the gentleness of a true lap cat. The Silver Tabby has bold black stripes, an oyster oval on both sides and butterfly wings set on a silver background. Rare, they create a most elaborate pattern which sets them apart from other less spectacular looking cats.
The Silver Spotted
The Black & Silver Tabby
The first week of life is a mix of emotions. It's beautiful, filled with happiness, but of course comes with huge commitment and dedication. If you are waiting for a kitten from us, please be patient. You can see just how small and dependent these little ones are, and it is my responsibility to keep both Queen and kittens healing from birth, healthy, feeding and gaining weight.
Kittens grow fast, so it's very important for them to have a good quality diet, lots of love, clean litter, fresh water and their mothers milk in order for them to grow big and strong.
Our inside set up consists of six individual pens for the privacy of our Queens, they have different levels, hiding places and scratch posts. They have the run of a large kitchen and living area and an extra large outdoor enclosure filled with toys. The main cattery has heating and air conditioning, fresh running hot and cold water and CCTV so that we can monitor the cats 24/7.
Our outdoor set up consists of four large outdoor pens for our Stud boys. They have heated beds for the winter months, and a spacious area for company and fuss. Our Studs do not live a typical lonely Stud life as they are in the company of each other and have human contact for 16 hours per day, as do our Queens.
Last but not least, a slide show with more pictures of our Quality British Shorthairs.